Executive Whitepaper: An executive guide to scaling agile to the enterprise.

In a world where progress never sleeps, your program and product management needs to be able to adapt strategically and rapidly pivot where needed. Top performing CIOs are twice as likely to be doing agile product-centric delivery, so what are you waiting for? Start delivering on time and on budget every time by scaling agile to the enterprise.

Download our whitepaper today to learn more about agile, and to see if you, your managers, and your teams are ready.

Not sure where to start?


Benefits of an agile product management operating model.


Where to start: pragmatic, incremental change.

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Metrics and results you can expect.

The smart way to be agile.

At Zen Ex Machina, our goal is to improve 1M working lives, from executives to teams, by 2025. We do this through a focus on aligning to impacts and outcomes over strategy by PowerPoint. Our results speak for themselves.

200% productivity increase

by coaching leadership and their team to integrate continuous improvement into their planning and delivery practices.


$2M savings per program

by coaching executives to understand and enact Learn Thinking—reducing waste and reporting on investments and outcomes, over deliverables.


50% faster delivery

We’ve turned 6-month delivery cycles into as little as 3-weeks through mapping the value stream and highlighting the cost of delay of upfront scoping and budget activities.

Get an agile assessment now.

We can examine your ROI for agile across the enterprise in as little as a week. This assists executives make the financial case for an investment that could double your productivity.   

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A collection of stories, the latest insights, and experiences from our agile consultants.

How do I run a Retrospective?

The Retrospective is one of five events in Scrum. It’s purpose is to inspect the whole Scrum Team from the perspective of people, process and tools, and then adapt the way the whole team works (including the Product Owner).

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Increase your Ability to Pivot with Agile Change Management Practices

Traditional Change Management’s linear approach exacerbates the steepness of the change curve and leads to a “Productivity Dip” as it attempts to manage risk through upfront planning. Agile Change Management addresses this dip by iterative customer feedback to focus efforts on the most important activities, determined by customer value and stakeholder impact and outcomes

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Copyright © Zen Ex Machina® and ™ (2020). All rights reserved. ABN 93 153 194 220