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Whether it’s an internal Scrum certification course, or a custom agile foundation course, our agile trainers will deliver an experience that fits your unique needs and context.

Agile Foundations

Agile Foundations is a one-day course designed to introduce your leaders and their teams to the core agile concepts of agile mindset, agile culture, and agile practice. This course can be customised to suit your needs with a number of different modules encompassing: Scrum, Lean, Kanban – including GetKanban – and scaled agile with SAFe®, Nexus™ or Scrum @ Scale™.

Certified Scrum

Scrum is the framework of choice, used by more than 80% of teams, programs and executives to deliver value fast. 

Agile Leadership

For executives, managers and leaders to improve their organisation's business agility.

Scrum Master certification

The essentials of Scrum to support teams, Product Owners, and coach the organisation.

Advanced Scrum certification

Advanced agile coaching and facilitation techniques.

Agile UX certification

The smartest way to combine Scrum with UX and discovery practices, designed by Jeff Gothelf, the author of Lean UX.

Scrum with Kanban certification

Add the power of Kanban - visualisation, flow, waste and metrics - to Scrum practice.

Scrum Product Owner certification

How to lead teams and develop products by optimising the value of delivery of agile teams.

Scaled Agile with SAFe®

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is the most popular framework for delivering large programs and products. 

Leading SAFe®

For executives, leaders and managers leading an agile program or portfolio.

SAFe® for teams

The essentials for Scrum Teams for planning and delivery in an Agile Release Train

SAFe® for Product Owners & Product Managers

Optimising value and delivering products in an Agile Release Train

SAFe® for Scrum Masters

How to facilitate and lead agility in Scrum Teams under the Scaled Agile Framework.

Advanced Scrum Master

Advanced facilitation techniques and patterns for Scrum Masters in SAFe®.

SAFe® for Release Train Engineers

How to lead an Agile Release Train to continuously improve.

Request a private agile training course

Private courses are run on your premises with a minimum number of 10 attendees. Costs are based on a per attendee rate. Certified courses can not be customised.

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