Agile IQ Features & Pricing

The smartest way to measure enterprise agility

  • Assess agile mindset and behaviours.
  • Reduce the cost of agile coaching.
  • Curated learning paths by certified agile experts.
  • Compare teams anywhere anytime.

Agile IQ for Teams

Assess your team's agile mindset
$ 3
99 USD
  • Single user license
  • 1x team agile mindset profile
  • Agile IQ score
  • Unlimited assessments
  • Comprehensive baseline assessment
  • Quick assessment
  • Team assessment history and trends
  • Team Effectiveness Index*1
  • Team assessment history
  • Compare your team to others
             of a similar age and maturity
  • Assess anytime, anywhere
  • Set goals and learning actions
  • Curated coaching recommendations
  • Learning pathways recommendations
  • Team Learning Canvas *3
  • Training recommendations *4
  • Accessibility compliant
  • Android Dark Mode
  • Options
  • Scrum maturity index *2
  • Kanban maturity index *5
  • Remote Team risk assessment
  • Integrated survey email invites
  • Add additional team profiles
  • Additional user access licenses

Agile IQ Program Essentials

Assess all your teams in your program
$ 295
99 USD
  • Agile IQ for Teams
  • 5x user licenses
  • 7x team profiles
  • Add teams to programs
  • Web interface
  • Assess business agility via EBM *6
  • Program improvement history and trends
  • Compare your program to others
             of a similar age and maturity
  • Program remote team risk profile
  • Program management assessment
  • Program level coaching
  • Team management console
  • User management console
  • Subfactor deep dive reports
  • Branded surveys
  • Export program assessment reports
  • Options
  • JIRA integration for program metrics
  • Microsoft TFS/Azure integration
            for program metrics
  • Industry comparisons
  • Customise assessment criteria
  • Assessment surveys
  • Add additional team profiles
  • Add additional user access licenses

Agile IQ Enterprise Elite

Assess all your teams in your program
$ 595
99 USD
  • Agile IQ for Teams
  • Agile IQ Program Essentials
  • 8x user licenses
  • 13x team profiles
  • Enterprise assessment history and trends
  • Agile leadership assessment
  • Compare programs across the
  • Options
  • Data export
  • Add additional team profiles
  • Add additional user access licenses
* Based on Google’s Project Aristotle
*2 Based on Scrum Guide (2017) by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber. Available Aug 2020.
*3 Adapted from Toyota Kata and Learning Kata practices
*4™, Scrum Alliance® and Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) courses
*5 As described by Daniel Vacanti (2007) in Scrum with Kanban by and GetKanban (version 5) by Russell Healy
*6 EBM. Evidence Based Management for business agility metrics – ability to innovate, current value, unrealised value, time to market.


When will Agile IQ® be available?

Our Private Beta is forecast for release in May 2020. You can sign up for our Private Beta at no cost here.

Where is the data stored?

Data is stored in the Microsoft Cloud in Australia.

What version of Android or iOS do I need?

The Private Beta will be available for Android 9 and 10. Later editions will include Apple iOS 12 and 13.

Is there a web version?

Agile IQ® for Programs will include a web interface for managing and comparing teams across an organisation’s  program.

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