Worried about teams working from home?

What are the risks?

Transparency is the first casualty when teams work from home. Learning how to support teams is key to ensuring they’re productive and effective remotely. That’s where our agile coaches can help.

  • Get access to industry leading experts.
  • Get contextualised support for your strategic priorities.
  • Contact us for a work from home (WFH) risk assessment with Agile IQ® now.

Working from home. What's impacted?

When teams start working from home, a number of critical factors suffer.


What are teams working on? Are they being productive? If managers can't see team members, how will they know if the work is getting done?


Can they depend on each other to get the job done? Do they have a clear work structure when a manager isn't present to run the team?

Team health

Do they feel socially isolated? Is their morale suffering? Do they feel connected to each other and still understand their shared purpose?

Are your teams at risk?

Is your team ready to work from home?

ZXM’s Agile IQ® highlights the factors that help teams succeed when they move to remote work. With Agile IQ®, ZXM consultants are able to:
  • Identify teams most at risk that are moving to remote work.
  • Highlight distributed teams that need support to self-organise.
  • Advise you on actions to take and which teams most need your help and support.
  • Develop customised coaching plans to uplift their ability to self-organise and work cohesively as a team using contemporary ways of working.

Get a Work From Home (WFH) risk assessment now

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