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Join the Private Beta and receive special discounts on Agile IQ® at our public launch, 1 Oct 2020.

The smartest path to enterprise agility

Agile — new work values, principles, and practices – are a radical alternative to command-and-control-style management. Agile has spread across a broad range of industries and functions and even into the C-suite. By taking people out of their functional silos and putting them in self-organising, customer-focused, cross-functional teams, agile not only accelerates profitable growth, but also helps to create a new generation of skilled leaders whose focus is value.


Cheaper Costs

Faster to Market

Reduction in waste and rework

Agile IQ® creates these outcomes by creating consistency of practice across your agile teams. It provides curated coaching recommendations based on an assessment of their level of maturity and comparison to other teams of similar age. Within 12 months, programs who have used Agile IQ®’s frameworks have seen a reduction in costs of over $1.1M USD per year, and a speed to market improve from 3-months to as little as 2-weeks.

For everyone in your enterprise


Know when delivery is at risk before delivery fails.


Report on agility across programs and teams.

Agile Coaches

Monitor your teams process with curated coaching recommendations

Scrum Masters

Get tips to help your teams improve.

For everyone in your enterprise


Know when delivery is at risk before delivery fails with transparency across 4 primary and 23 subfactors.


Report on agility across programs and teams with powerful BI integration. Get consistency of practice.

Agile Coaches

Monitor your teams agile capability maturity with a comprehensive, industry standard assessment.

Scrum Masters

Get tips to help your team improve with over 100+ curated coaching tips.

Join our early adopter program today

For a limited time, ZXM is offering free membership to our early adopter program. You’ll join a few invited organisations who’ll get exclusive access to our private beta. 

  • Access to all of Agile IQ®’s functionality for 45 days.
  • Discounted price after the 45 day period has expired.
  • Notifications of upcoming features through our private beta program.
  • Provide feedback on the features you like, strengths, and weaknesses, to help evolve Agile IQ® toward our public launch.

The private beta will only be available for 45 days from Monday 3 August 2020.  

Monitor your investment in enterprise agility

Agile IQ® is designed for the enterprise. It’s the only metrics driven coaching and assessment tool that provides insights into your teams agile mindset and provides recommendations to improve based on their current level of agile maturity.

Agile Mindset

Measures strength of behaviours associated with the Agile Manifesto and it's 12 Principles.

Agile Culture

Visible actions and behaviours create culture. Agile IQ assesses how strong your agile culture really is.

Agile Behaviours

Assesses and compares the demonstrable, collaborative behaviours in teams and leadership that create agility.


Agile Practices

Measures strength of agile practices, including Scrum, Kanban and Lean, and links them to outcomes.

AI to support your internal coaches

Agile IQ® helps your internal coaches understand teams’ strengths and weaknesses. This supports them to triage coaching, learning, and development and focus on where teams need the most help.

Are your remote teams at risk of delivery failure?

Get early warnings when delivery is at risk

Agile IQ® highlights the human factors that make teams succeed or fail when they work remotely. It leveraging Google’s Project Aristotle research on team effectiveness to identify:

  • What teams are most at risk that are moving to remote work.
  • Distributed teams that need support to self-organise.
  • Customised coaching plans to uplift their ability to self-organise and work cohesively as a team.

Reduce the costs of agile coaching

Makes access to industry experts easy and inexpensive

Agile IQ® is designed by leading certified agile practitioners. It’s curated learning paths help provide consistency across all your agile teams as they learn how to become more agile.

And when you need training, Agile IQ gets you in touch with licensed trainers from international certification bodies like from around the globe – USA, South America, Europe, Asia, and even Australia and NZ.

Industry based to improve consistency

Reduce the risks of failure associated with lack of consistency of practice across your organisation

Agile IQ® uses proprietary AI learning paths and coaching recommendations are sourced from:

  • Agile Manifesto and its principles.
  • Official Scrum Guide by Sutherland and Schwaber.
  •™ professional Scrum competencies.
  • Evidence Based Management (EBM).
  • Complementary agile practices, including Kanban, Lean and Toyota Kata.

Monitor your investment in business agility

Are teams’ agility improving?

  • Get warnings before delivery is impacted.
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses.
  • Compare teams to others in your program.
  • Compare teams to others in your industry.
  • View improvement trends.
  • Be forewarned before “going backwards”.

Insights to know your teams better

With a personalised Agile IQ® score, you’ll know how well your teams are doing. Your coaches will get instant recommendations to create focus to improve your organisation’s time to market, ability to pivot and reduce delivery costs.


Where is the data held?

The data is held in the Microsoft Cloud in Australia.

Can I use my data for other things?

Data will be available through Power BI and Excel through SQL queries.

When will the beta be released?

The public beta is forecast for release in October 2020.

What will Agile IQ cost?

Agile IQ pricing is based on a monthly subscription. 

What versions of Android do I need?

The private beta supports Android 9 and 10. The beta is available through direct download from ZXM and not through the Google Play store. We will be testing Android 11 compatibility from January 20201.

What versions of iOS do I need?

The beta is not available on iOS in the Apple Store. You can use an Android emulator, like Bluestacks, on OSX to run Agile IQ on your apple device.

What version of Windows to I need?

You can use an Android emulator, like Bluestacks, on Windows to run Agile IQ on your desktop or laptop.

What version of OSX do I need?

You can use an Android emulator, like Bluestacks, on OSX to run Agile IQ on your desktop or laptop.

What is Agile IQ®’s licensing conditions and terms of use?

ZXM has published a draft End User License Agreement (ULA).

Start measuring your agility today

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