Agile IQ

The smartest path to enterprise agility

Take your organisation to the next level

Agile can improve your productivity, ability to pivot or reduce your costs. But team surveys won’t tell you how to get there. Agile IQ is what you need to report on agile, and get advice, so you can save costs, pivot faster to market changes, customer needs, and deliver faster to market.

Forget team surveys

Team surveys, and self-reporting, are unreliable and will only give you vanity metrics. It won't tell you what's truly going on.

Assess teams' agility

Use objective data to assess agility based on behaviour, actions and team psychology.

Get advice

Get customised, curated coaching recommendations based on your current level of agility.

Set goals

Set goals to improve key areas of agility: self-organisation, agile values, Sprinting and continuous improvement

Get reports

Export reports for use in Power BI and Excel, and share assessments in PDF right from the team dashboards.

Our most powerful frameworks in your hands

A coaching framework to build your own internal agile capability

Agile IQ® is designed by Zen Ex Machina – Australia’s most experienced and successful scaled agile consulting company. We’ve embedded our coaching, training and mentoring practices, as well as our capability maturity framework, into our software.

In a single platform, wou get the benefit of over 15 years experience from our world leading, certified agile practitioners, so your organisation learns how to become more agile.

Report on what matters, so you get to the next level faster

Goodbye vanity metrics. Hello evidence-based metrics.

Agile IQ® has strong statistical reliability. It has 4 primary and 23 sub-factors that give you your best indication of:

  • Delivery risk.
  • Program and team effectiveness.
  • Psychological safety.
  • Leadership agility.
  • Ability to pivot rapidly to changing needs.

Monitor your investment in business agility

Are you becoming more agile?

  • Get warnings before delivery is impacted.
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses.
  • Compare teams and programs across your organisation.
  • Compare teams to others in your industry.
  • View improvement trends.
  • Be forewarned before “going backwards”.

Insights to know your agility

With a personalised Agile IQ® score, you’ll know how well your organisation is doing. Your coaches will get instant recommendations to create focus to improve your organisation’s time to market, ability to pivot and reduce delivery costs by up to 200%.

Start measuring your agility today

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