End-to-end management consulting and business consulting services
with Agile IQ

Management consulting with Agile IQ

The smartest way to achieve enterprise agility

  • We provide end-to-end advice so you can plan and execute smarter with strategies that improve your ability to pivot to meet ever changing customer and market demands.
  • We help you structure your business planning, organisation, and enterprise operations to be more effective with Lean and Agile frameworks.

Improve your business agility with Agile IQ

ZXM’s Agile IQ management consulting and business consulting services help executives improve their business outcomes with enterprise agility. We support executives with end-to-end advice from strategy through to delivery, from strategic implementation, digital transformation, and agile operating models, through to team-level agile. Our advice and expertise delivers the following benefits:

Improve productivity

Deliver more with the same effort at a higher, consistent quality.

Improve speed to market

Deliver to customers when their needs and stakeholders' demands change.

Reduce costs

Reduce both capex and opex costs through a focus on quality without extra effort and focusing on value.

Reduce rework and wasted effort

By focusing on delivering the highest value and optimising work not done.

Our services create enterprise-level agility

ZXM’s Agile IQ management consulting and business consulting services help executives improve their business with enterprise agility that spans every aspect of your organisation.

Business planning

We help you refine your ideas and strategies, and mold them into a viable, modern, 21st century business underpinned by contemporary Lean and Agile operating models.

Business strategy development

We mentor executives to identify, nurture and acquire new clients and business opportunities to drive growth and profitability in a 21st century world of disruptive change.

Business management consulting

Improve your performance and grow by solving problems the agile way in HR, Finance, Product Management, and Digital Marketing.

Business organisation consulting

Our consultants help you design your organisation to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term agility and health.

IT agile consulting

We're experts in agile strategic planning with advisory services that help you assess IT needs and formulate system implementation plans.

Product and project management

We help you align agile IT initiatives to business goals and rapidly pivot your strategies to adapt to disruptive change.

Business process improvement

We use agile frameworks to help leaders develop and enhance their processes for analysing and implementing strategic plans and management projects.

Business strategic planning services

We support senior executives to identify the Lean and Agile frameworks to best achieve the long-term vision and KPIs.

We help you be a disruptor. Not be disrupted.

Our Agile IQ Management Consulting and Business Consulting Services help your business use Lean and Agile to:

  • Increase revenue and profits.
  • Clearly identify business goals.
  • Pivot quickly to changing customer, stakeholder and market needs.
  • Define and measure growth strategies.
  • Improve delivery effectiveness.
  • Improve technical quality.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of teams.

Our Agile IQ management and business consulting services are founded on "best of breed" frameworks

We eat culture for breakfast

Culture is a first class citizen for ZXM. We use the psychology of organisational culture to help executives successfully implement Lean and Agile operating models in their business to deliver long-lived change.

Real KPIs not vanity metrics

A first class business plan and operations needs real KPIs, not task-based reporting. ZXM’s Agile IQ uses Evidence Based Management so your business goals have a clear view of the impact and outcome they’re achieving – whether improving the customer experience or growing your market share.

Agile for Business Operations

We advice you on best practice for agile product management across your entire product line, helping avoid the waste “stop/start” of traditional projects. This helps you deliver value faster.

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