Agile IQ®

Create powerful reports for executive

Report on effectiveness, not just "team happiness"

Agile IQ® assesses every part of your organisation’s agile practices and provides simple, comprehensive reports on agile mindset, agile culture, ability to pivot and team effectiveness, from a single assessment tool.


Assess agile mindset of any team - even HR, marketing and finance - in one assessment tool.


Export reports to share with executive on agile capability maturity across entire programs.

Build capability

Take the guesswork out of building and supporting your internal coaches and promote consistency.

Power BI

Integrate Agile IQ data into your existing dashboards and create custom reports.


For all programs, not just software

With a single assessment, you can assess 4 primary factors and a total of 23 sub-factors, based on team behaviours, practices, agile culture and values. Agile IQ® takes its comprehensive assessment criteria directly from:
  • The Agile Manifesto and its 12 its principles.
  • The Scrum Guide (Schwaber and Sutherland, 2017).
  • SAFe® and agile at scale.
  • Kanban and Lean.
  • Systems Thinking.


Are teams truly agile?

Instantly see what teams are at risk to help and intervene before delivery fails. 

Compare your teams’ and whole program’s agile mindset to others of a similar age.

Export reports for each team so that you can share their overall agile capability maturity and their maturity to deliver with lower costs and improved agility to pivot rapidly to change.


Support your internal coaches

Follow step-by-step guidance designed to improve key areas of agility. Each one will help your coaches improve an area of the agile mindset – Self-organisation, Agile Values, Continuous Improvement, and Sprinting – and keep you accountable with check-ins and reminders.


Instant reports that reveal deep agile insights across your organisation

Use your existing Power BI dashboards to create your own views of program agility:

  • Delivery risk.
  • Teams’ agile capability maturity history.
  • Snapshot of teams across your entire program.

Using Agile IQ®’s SQL extensions, you can even import your Agile IQ assessment data into Excel to run your own queries and produce your own graphs and reports.

Ready to take things to the next level?

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