Agile IQ®

Partner Program

Working together to improve enterprise agility

Grow your business with the Agile IQ® Partner Program. Our inclusive program welcomes Partners from around the globe, offering them the ability to on-sell Agile IQ® to their clients to help them improve their enterprise agility.

Access to Partner events


10% off for your clients


Make 25% revenue every month*

Make your value shine

Unlock new opportunities, differentiate your agile consulting services, and grow your business as an Agile IQ® Partner. As a partner, you’ll deliver outstanding consulting, sales, and services that will enable enterprises around the globe to fully unleash their potential.

To support and enhance your success, we offer training, accreditation, and extensive sales and marketing benefits: everything you need to accelerate deals, market, and help improve the work lives of people around the world with contemporary ways of working.

Partners can offer clients exclusive pricing:

Program Elite Price

USD $669.16/mo billed yearly**

Program Elite Price

USD $602.24/mo billed yearly**

You make the sale and we will charge the client directly. When they pay their invoice, you’ll receive 25% of the sale price. 

Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Partners

Accredited Scrum trainers with™ (PSTs) automatically qualify for the Agile IQ® Partner Program. Agile IQ® helps you differentiate your agile consulting services by demonstrating your impact as a consultant on the growth of your client’s agile mindset with assessment and coaching recommendations that strongly align with the™ training curriculum and learning pathways.

Access to exclusive PST Partner events


Collaboration with a Partner Manager on Agile IQ development and marketing


Additional 10% off for your clients


Make 25% revenue every month*

* 25% of the discounted price as monthly revenue for the Partner while the customer continues and maintains their subscription.

** Monthly subscription price based on a year’s subscription billed yearly upfront. 

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