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Early Adopter Program​

Time remaining for the Private Beta:


Early adopters get Agile IQ® Beta for 45 days free!

  • Be an early adopter.
  • Get exclusive access to Agile IQ® Beta.
  • Start benefiting from Agile IQ® now.

Be an early adopter!

From 3 August, early adopters will get access to Agile IQ® Beta and all of its features free of charge. You’ll get access to the private forum where you’ll get a first hand view of future development and be able to vote on upcoming features.

What do Early Adopters get?

  • Access to all of Agile IQ®’s functionality for 45 days from 3 August 2020.
  • Discounted price after the 45 day period has expired.
  • Exclusive access to the beta forum.
  • Notifications of upcoming features through our private beta program.
  • Provide feedback on the features you like, strengths, and weaknesses, to help evolve Agile IQ® toward our public launch.

Join the Beta Forum

The beta forum helps you get the most out of your 45 days free time with Agile IQ®. Participate to win an hour of agile coaching from Agile IQ®’s creator.


Where is the data held?

The data is held in the Microsoft Cloud in Australia.

Can I use my data for other things?

Data will be available through Power BI.

When will the beta be released?

The private beta is forecast for release in August 2020.

What will Agile IQ cost?

Our private beta of Agile IQ will be free for 45 days from 3 August.

After the public launch, Agile IQ pricing will be based on a monthly subscription. The final costs will be available at launch.

What versions of Android do I need?

The private beta supports Android 9 and 10. The private beta will be available through direct download from ZXM and not through the Google Play store.

What versions of iOS do I need?

The private beta is not available on iOS. The public beta will support iOS 12 and 13.

What is Agile IQ®’s licensing conditions and terms of use?

ZXM has published a draft End User License Agreement (ULA).


Be an early adopter today!

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