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How does Agile IQ® work?

How does ZXM use metrics on behaviour to understand how agile a team is?

Our latest thought leadership on agile

Agile Principles and Practices to Mitigate Integration Issues

How to mitigate Intgertaion issues? – In the short term, transparency and communication is key. In the longer-term, we needed a more empowering state so we looked at how to to use agile practices to build capability and evolving environment practices to move to automation and continous integration.

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Measuring agile culture with Agile IQ

Agile IQ® is an effective way to measure agile culture. Overall, it’s an effective leading indicator of the changes to mindset, behaviour and culture that’s needed to ensure that your investment in your agile enterprise is on track to deliver the results you need.

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Setting up a New Agile Team

When setting up new agile teams we have found that starting small with the basics and adding patterns as they start to develop capability has helped us get new teams up and running within 2-3 days and acheive a baseline of agile capability within 3 months

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Measuring agility with Agile IQ

Agile delivers significant benefits over traditional ways of working, but how do you know when you’re agile? How do you use a metrics-driven approach to create repeatability, consistency, and scalability of agile capability across the enterprise? Agile IQ is the key.

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