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Agile IQ®

Proof from data that your agile transformation works.

Cost savings modelling

Agile metrics to show you the cost savings of your agile delivery capability.

Data to Decrease Time to Market

Curated knowledge base to will help your programs get more done, faster.

Data to help Pivot To Change

With early warnings when delivery is at risk, there are never any surprises.

Trusted by 1,000+ teams globally

Successful agile transitions use data

Support agile capability maturity with real data modelling.

  • More than half of all employees report they feel more confident about the decisions they make when supported by data. That confidence carries over to decisions made by others.
  • 37 percent of employees believe they would become more productive if they received training that helped them make (better) use of data.
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Agile IQ® custom dashboard for programs using Microsoft Power BI
Enterprise agility reporting that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Taking the lead in cultural transformation

Agile IQ® data helps you understand performance and gives your teams the ability to rapidly pivot and adapt. Its agile reporting capability across agile mindset and culture provides you with an unrivalled picture:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Ability to innovate
  • Team effectiveness
  • Time to market

How was Agile IQ® created?

Agile IQ® is designed by Zen Ex Machina, APAC’s most experienced and successful scaled agile consulting company. We’ve embedded our coaching, training, and mentoring practices, as well as our capability maturity framework, into our agile tools and software.

In a single platform, you get reports on the strengths of your agile behaviours, and over 100+ coaching recommendations customised to your teams’ age and level of maturity – all available to you at any time within your Agile IQ® app. Can you imagine what goals your organisation could achieve when you have a digital agile coach 24/7?

Measure your Agile Mindset

23 behavioural metrics reflecting agile mindset in ONE assessment tool

Agile Culture

Visible actions and behaviours create culture. Agile IQ® assesses how strong your agile culture really is.

Agile Behaviors

Assesses and compares the demonstrable, collaborative behaviours in teams and leadership that create agility, and helps you set goals for improvement.

Agile Practices

Measures strength of agile practices, including Scrum, Kanban and Lean, and links them to outcomes like ability to pivot and psychological safety.

For everyone in your enterprise

Know when delivery is at risk before it fails with radical transparency of the primary behaviours that create enterprise agility.
Report on agility across programs, compare teams, and create custom reports and dashboards with Microsoft Power BI and Excel SQL integration.
Monitor your teams’ agile capability maturity with one comprehensive, industry-standard assessment.
Get tips from globally recognised agile leaders to help your team improve with over 100+ curated coaching tips.

Data-driven business agility

Get started with Agile IQ® with 10 days free!

Early warnings when delivery is at risk

Agile IQ® highlights the behaviours that make teams succeed or fail when they work remotely. Our agile tools leverage Google’s Project Aristotle research to identify remote or distributed teams that need support to self-organise and provides you with customised, coaching plans to uplift their ability to self-organise and work cohesively.

Access detailed reports on your investment in enterprise agility.

Agile IQ® is designed for the enterprise. It’s the only metrics-driven coaching and assessment tool that provides insights into your teams’ agile mindset and provides recommendations to improve based on their current level of agile maturity.

Seamlessly integrate with Power BI and reveal deeper, personalised insights.

Integrate Agile IQ® data into your executive dashboards for an unrivalled picture of agility.

Use your existing Power BI dashboards to get an executive view of:

  • Delivery risk
  • Team effectiveness
  • Improvement actions
  • Agile leadership
  • Psychological Safety
  • Agile health across all programs

Using Agile IQ®’s SQL extensions, you can even import your Agile IQ® assessment data into Excel so managers can run queries and produce customised graphs and reports.

Data-driven business agility

Get started with Agile IQ® with 10 days free!

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