Jira and Agile IQ

Everything you need to measure flow of value

You don’t have to be an expert. Let the Agile IQ® calculate flow metrics for you directly from Jira®

Lead Time

Automatically draw on Jira for lead time calculations


Add improvements

Send improvement actions directly to team boards



See improvements in delivery

Automate your flow metrics for enhanced insights

Agile IQ® makes it easy to pull data from Jira boards and give you automated insights and benchmarks on flow metrics:

  • Throughput: Items per month.
  • Time to market: idea through to delivery.

Track improvements without wading through Jira boards

See all your team’s flow metrics in Agile IQ’s dashboards, including throughput and lead time, including trends and comparisons.

Send improvement actions directly into your Sprints

Tracking actions on Agile IQ insights and recommendations are easy. Integrate with Jira and send tasks directly to your team’s Sprints and make their actions transparent and reportable.

Data-driven business agility

Get started with Agile IQ® with 10 days free!

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