Integrate your Jira® data for enhanced insights

Don’t let all your data remain in Jira® where it’s hard to extract and generate insights.

Agile IQ® links to your JIRA® team boards. Once connected, it pulls data to automatically calculate:

Lead time data

Aggregate and report on monthly average lead time across all your teams from idea through to delivery.

Throughput data

Collect data across all your teams to see how much can be delivered in a single month.

Comparisons to other companies

See how your data compares against other companies at a similar stage in their digital transformation.

Automated throughput and cycle time comparisons

Agile IQ® ‘s data model pulls lead time and cycle time data and displays it front and central on your dashboard. This enables you to:

  • See your capability maturity trends along with your improvements to lead time and throughput from Jira®.
  • Compare your data to other companies of a similar stage in their development.

Data-driven business agility

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