Power BI & SQL

Create impactful reports faster

Using Agile IQ®’s SQL extensions, you can import your Agile IQ® assessment data into Power BI or Excel, so managers can run queries and produce customised graphs and reports.

SQL integration is part of the Program subscription.

Create a data-driven agile culture with business intelligence for all

Enable everyone at every level of your organisation to make confident decisions on where to invest time and money on agile capability improvement using up-to-the-minute analytics.

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    Centralise your agile capability data

    Easily create datasets from your Agile IQ data and add them to the Power BI data hub to create an accessible, single source of truth for all your data.

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    Uncover actionable insights with visuals

    Turn your raw Agile IQ® data into engaging visuals with industry-leading data analysis tools—powered by AI—and an approachable drag-and-drop report canvas.

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    Translate insights into impact across teams

    Turn insights into decisions faster by integrating into the apps you already use, like Microsoft 365.


SAFe® Measure & Grow Power BI Template

Use the power of Agile IQ® to provide you the definitive view of your Agile Release Train's capability maturity, team effectiveness, and strengths and weaknesses for your Inspect & Adapt workshops.

Generic Power BI Template

Create your own custom dashboards and reports with this generic template for Agile IQ® and Microsoft Power BI.

Using Power BI with Agile IQ®

Server Information

  • Server: shadow-sql-agileiq-prod.database.windows.net
  • Database: shadow-sqldb-agileiq-prod

Logging in

To log in, you’ll need two things:

  • User Name – Use your Agile IQ ID as your Power BI “user name” to log into the database
  • Password – Use your User ID and add @AgileIQ_BI on the end. This forms the password for Power BI.


  • User name: 3ABC-R2D2-C3PO (make sure you keep the “-” )
  • Password: 012345678900@AgileIQ_BI

Enter these details and click “Connect”.

Where can I find my User ID?

You can find your User ID in the side panel in the app.

You can also find your User ID by clicking on the user icon in the Executive Dashboard.

finding your user id in agile iq dashboard
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Enter your details

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