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Agile IQ

See delivery risk before it hits you

Agile IQ® helps you understand performance and gives your enterprise the ability to rapidly pivot and adapt. Agile reporting capabilities across agile mindset and culture provide an unrivalled picture of strategic alignment, ability to innovate, team effectiveness, and time to market.

Get to the next level

Surveys don’t give you enough to get your organisation to the next level. Our advice does.

Agile reports

Get reports from your managers on their delivery risk profile and teams’ effectiveness.

Power BI

Integrate Agile IQ® data into your executive dashboards for an unrivalled picture of agility.

Empower staff

Ensure your staff get consistent advice on lowering costs with contemporary, agile ways of working.


Improve your entire organisation

Staff surveys are useful, but they won’t tell you how agile can reduce capex and opex costs, improve productivity or improve your ability to pivot to change.

Agile IQ® has a single assessment that provides agile reporting on all aspects of your growing agile culture and what actions your organisation needs to do to be more agile, whether HR, finance, marketing or product development.


Are your programs are truly agile?

Our agile tools instantly see what initiatives are at risk to help your managers intervene before delivery fails. 

Compare your programs’ agile mindset to others of a similar age.

Export reports for each program so that you can see their overall agile capability maturity and their maturity to deliver with lower costs and improved agility to pivot rapidly to change.


Reveal deeper, personalised agile insights across your organisation

Use your existing Power BI dashboards to get an executive view of:

  • Delivery risk.
  • Delivery effectiveness.
  • Programs’ agile capability maturity improvements.
  • Agile health across all programs.

Using Agile IQ®’s SQL extensions, you can even import your Agile IQ® assessment data into Excel so managers can run queries and produce you customised graphs and reports.


Get consistent advice that creates results

Support your managers to follow step-by-step guidance designed to improve key areas of agility. Each one will help them improve an area of the agile mindset – Self-organisation, Agile Values, Continuous Improvement, and Sprinting – and keep them accountable with check-ins and reminders.

Keep a Real-time Pulse on your company

Get started with Agile IQ® with 30 days free!

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