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Agile IQ

Your Coaching Assistant

Agile IQ® is an agile coach in the palm of your hand. Our agile tools give you the knowledge of the world’s best agile practitioners, and their extensive knowledge and experience of creating agile teams, for one low subscription costs.



Assess agile mindset of any team – even HR, marketing and finance – in one assessment tool.



Export agile metrics reports to see how you compare to other teams and what improvements you need to make.


Coaching advice

Take the guesswork out of making improvements with insights based on your team’s level of maturity.

Mobile friendly

Designed for access on the go so you can have powerful conversations anywhere, anytime.


For any team, not just software

With a single assessment, you can assess 4 primary factors and a total of 23 sub-factors, based on team behaviours, practices, agile culture and values.

Agile IQ® takes its comprehensive assessment criteria directly from:

  • The Agile Manifesto and its 12 its principles.
  • The Scrum Guide (Schwaber and Sutherland, 2017)
  • Kanban and Lean.

Because Agile IQ’s assessments focus on behaviours, not software practices, you can assess any agile team – HR, finance, marketing or product development – and get a comprehensive breakdown of strengths not just an industry average or comparison.


Is your team truly agile?

Track your team’s strengths and weaknesses and the areas of focus for improvement. 

Compare your teams’ agile mindset to others of a similar age.

Export agile metrics reports for each team so that you can track their overall agile capability maturity and their maturity to deliver with lower costs and improved agility to pivot rapidly to change.


Take the guesswork out of agile coaching

Our agile tools provide step-by-step guidance designed to improve key areas of agility. Each one will help you improve an area of the agile mindset – Self-organisation, Agile Values, Continuous Improvement, and Sprinting – and keep you accountable with check-ins and reminders.


Agile in the palm of your hand

With the Agile IQ® app, you have access to all your team’s results, assessments, and coaching recommendations in the palm of your hand.

Agile IQ® means you’re never tethered to a desk. You can have powerful coaching conversations with program leads, Release Train Engineers, and your Scrum Masters on agility anywhere, anytime.

Keep a Real-time Pulse on your company

Get started with Agile IQ® with 30 days free!

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