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Stage One: Starting

Agile IQ: 49-92

What is Stage One?

Delivery in Stage One organisations depends on talented people, but because skills are embedded on specific individuals, delivery isn’t scalable and success isn’t repeatable. Organisations at this stage of their agile journey are typically either just learning how to be agile, or haven’t firmly committed to changing the way that they work. Choosing a framework as the basis for their operating model, making the first real steps toward product management over project management, and just doing the basics right, is key to evolving to the next level.

Archetypal behaviours seen in this stage:

  • Management direction and task delegation.
  • Ad-hoc or waterfall practices.
  • Optimisation for ultilisation.

Focus for growth:

  • Managers must establish and promote guardrails for self-organisation.
  • Start shifting managers to being accountable for improving the organisation’s capability over directing and managing work.
  • Draft the a roadmap that describes the journey to agile product management, including milestones and how you will use Agile IQ’s metrics to understand progress toward organisation agility.
  • Transparency of work.

What do avoid:

  • Don’t mistake self-organising teams for autonomous teams. Set the minimum set of rules, practices and roles to work within and let the team manage themselves to deliver within those boundaries.
  • Don’t create activity-based, capability-based or multi-disciplinary teams teams. Start to shift toward cross-functional and multi-purpose teams.

What is Agile IQ®?

Agile IQ® helps organisations build strong agile capability through:

  • A focus on ROI data – cost savings modelling, throughput and lead time.
  • 4 key success metrics – statistically proven to create agility.
  • Using AI for insights and advice on the areas that will create strong agile outcomes for you and the organisation.
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