What to expect in ZXM's interview process

We only hire the best.

ZXM hires only the best agile coaches in Australia. We have a set of unique challenges designed to show us your strengths and weaknesses using scenario-based assessment.

First, we need to get to know you

When you’re looking to begin your career with ZXM, we want to get to know you first.

We’ll look through your LinkedIn profile for where you’ve been a Scrum Master or Product Owner (or both) and where you’ve led teams and programs of work to be more agile. Your experience in an agile role is important to us, but your 10 years as a manager – project manager, iteration manager, and the like are – isn’t what we’re looking for.

What we look for

Embraces our values.
Agile practitioner experience - SM, PO, RTE.
Deep, applied agile knowledge.
Participates in agile meetups and conferences.

What we don't want

In it for the money.
Agile project managers who want to be "coaches".
People with a 2-day "coaching" certification.
People with no real applied agile knowledge.

We also look for what meetups and conferences you attend and present at – we care about our local, national and global communities, and contributing our time and knowledge, and so should you. 

If we like what we see, we’ll invite you to have a coffee, or chat over Google Meet, for up to an hour to get a sense of whether we think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of our team. 

If you’re given the green light, we’ll then you’ll go on our Talent Kanban and we’ll take you through a series of challenges.

Our three challenges

Why do you need to do our challenges?

A one hour chat can only tell us so much about your knowledge, experience, and how you think about agile.  It also helps us see how you “think” about agile and where your focus tends to be as a servant leader, change agent, teacher, mentor and coach.

We use three timeboxed challenges helps us confirm that you meet the very high standards that underpins our reputation. 

Challenge I

A short answer, scenario-based assessment. Where is your focus? How do you respond to problem situations? How do you help Scrum Teams create transparency and support them to self-organise?

Timebox: 2 hrs

Challenge II

A peer review exercise based on a real world scenario at ZXM. Can you recognise good practice from poor practice? How would you advise a client or a peer on either of these issues?

Timebox: 24 hours

Challenge III

How well can you represent ZXM in writing? Is your focus on selling yourself, a "body" or a company capability? This challenge is about our reputation, our sales process, and writing.

Timebox: 72 hours.


For those with the following certifications and credentials, we typically move you straight onto Challenge II:

  • Scrum.org – PSM III and PST.
  • SAFe® – SPCT.
  • Scrum Alliance – CTC, CEC and CST.

What's next

What if I fail a Challenge?

Some people don’t pass Challenge I. Typically, this isn’t a “fail”. We appreciate the time you take and spend with us on this journey. We’ll provide feedback on where you need to improve to become an Agile Consultant with ZXM.

When you feel you’ve grown and learned, then maybe it’ll be time to approach us again to work with us.

What if I pass all the Challenges?

If we’re in a position to hire you, then we will!

There are two main pathways to joining ZXM:

  • Full time, employee.
  • Associate through a contract.

We’ll have a talk with you about the pros and cons and work through the right way of employing you based on your needs and ours.

How long does the process take?

The challenges can take as little as two-weeks to progress through.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more, get in touch with us at careers@zenexmachina.com

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