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February 22


09:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Zen Ex Machina


Village Hotel Katong

25 Marine Parade Road, Singapore, 449536

Singapore, SG, 449536

Agile Coaching has more nuances and involves more competences than coaching itself. Learn what skills it takes to master agile coaching

Agile Coaching has more nuances and involves more competences than the discipline of Professional Coaching. To sucessfully lead business transformations, an Agile Coach has to navigate these competences easily and contextually. As Agile Coaches, we support leadership and their teams through their agile journeys and growth, using different methods and tools: teaching frameworks and practices (trainer), sharing our experience and learning (mentoring), asking insightful questions that help teams figure out ideas and solutions on their own (coaching), advising them on the path to take at a roadblock, where the need arises (consulting) and more.

In this workshop, PST Lachlan Heaseman will teach you the skills needed to successfully coach an organisation through their agile journey to get teams, organisations, and managers to change the way they work. Using scenario based learning from real-life examples, he’ll show you how to make change “sticky” by using case conceptualisation, psychology, and the 8 stances of agile coaching.


  • Defining coaching: Applying the International Coaching Federation (ICF) framework to an agile and business transformation context.
  • Defining context using the Case Conceptualisation technique.
  • Culture and change: Using models for change to help coach executive and stakeholders.
  • Coaching the organisation: Establishing guardrails, reinforcing consistency, and coaching teams.
  • Using agile coaching stances by understanding the context and recognising the model to apply: coach, trainer, mentor, change agent, consultant and counsellor.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the ICF Coaching discipline and Agile Coaching.
  • Distinguish group coaching from individual coaching dynamics and structure.
  • Differentiate between coaching, training, facilitation and mentoring practices.
  • Identify and practice the skills necessary for building a safe, inclusive coaching space for growth.
  • Describe the steps required to establish, promote and run a successful coaching group.
  • Refine techniques for deploying coaching skills, ICF core competencies, and the Code of Ethics in a group setting.
  • Add some tips and techniques to your toolkit

Who should attend?

  • Agile coaches and change agents
  • Managers and leaders
  • Professional Scrum Trainers
  • Experienced Scrum Masters


2+ years in an agile or digital transformation context is recommended for people planning to attend this workshop.

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