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Unlike gantt charts and traditional requirements documentation, agile artefacts are living, evolving, minimally sufficient, and designed to:

Improve Transparency

The Product Backlog provides a list of what teams will deliver next; the Sprint Backlog makes the team's current delivery plan transparent as it's kept up-to-date on a daily basis.

Improve Quality

The Definition of Done makes it explicit how teams will make their work of sufficiently high enough quality so that it can be handed over to customers and (potentially) used immediately. It encompasses security, business readiness, and even compliance standards.

Improve Ability to Pivot

With just enough documentation in artefacts such as the Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog, backed by a Definition of Done, teams have tools that empower them to make decisions faster and use minimally sufficient documentation.

Scrum Artefacts

Sprint Backlog

The Sprint Backlog is a plan by and for the Developers. It is a highly...

Product Backlog

The Product Backlog is the single source of any work undertaken by the team. It...

The Increment

How do you create an Increment of work in Scrum? What has it got to...


Definition of Done

What is the Definition of Done and how do you use it to improve quality...

User Stories and Backlog Items


How do you slice Product Backlog items so that they can be delivered in a...


How do you slice Product Backlog items so that they can be delivered in a...

Reporting and Metrics

Release Burndown

Track progress toward delivery of value with a release burndown chart

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