Agile Coaching at AUSTRAC

Coaching a financial intelligence agency through their digital transformation

The Situation

Zen Ex Machina was engaged to assist AUSTRAC with their digital agility and alignment with DTA's Digital Service Standard (DSS).

Key to a successful outcome, was a sustainable, consistent approach to launching new digital products and the engagement of business stakeholders as Scrum Product Owners.

The Solution

Training the teams and creating a Product Backlog

ZXM first trained the team on the essentials of Scrum. This was a three day session combining core agile and Scrum processes with game-based play and simulation to enable rapid assimilation of concepts.

Identifying what to deliver based on value not non-economic models such as HiPPO

By day three, teams had produced enough Product Backlog Items and a Product Roadmap, sufficient to commence their first Sprint without the need for a Sprint Zero.


Storymap was created by day 3 along with an accompanying Product Roadmap

Coaching Scrum Masters

Coaching Scrum Masters was the second aim ZXM’s agile coaches. This included just-in-time support through leveraging our extensive experience of Scrum in government agencies, as well as assessment of their agility using ZXM’s Agile Maturity Assessment Framework.

The Results

ZXM's coaching of agile teams reinforced the need to create transparency of digital product development that empowered business stakeholders to become the key drivers of value of Scrum Development Teams.

Let's Work Together

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