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This activity is designed to help improve awareness of:

  • The Agile Manifesto
  • What activities and behaviours the team has done that align to the Agile Manifesto and its principles

Activity: Agile Manifesto Bingo

Timebox: 45 minutes

This activity can be run as a Retrospective or team training event.

What you’ll need

  • Agile Manifesto poster (download below).
  • A reward. Below is a certificate to give to those who act according to the Agile Manifesto (download below). Use the certificate, make your own, or provide some kind of reward. Behaviours that are rewarded are more likely to occur in the future.
  • Sticky-notes.


Timebox: 10 minutes.

  • Print out the Agile Manifesto and principles and hand out a copy to everyone in the group.

Set the scene

Timebox: 10 minutes.

  • Talk through the poster, the values and 12 principles.
  • Discuss what each item means to the team in terms of expected behaviours.

Gather data

Timebox: 10 minutes

  • Read out the first item in the Agile Manifesto’s principles
  • Ask each person to consider if they saw something that another team member did in the last few weeks (or Sprint) that aligned with that item of the Manifesto.
  • If someone did something that aligned with that manifesto item, write that person’s name and what they did on a sticky note.
  • When you have written down 5 people’s names in total, call out BINGO!
  • Keep going until all 12 items of the Manifesto have been read out or until someone has called out BINGO!

Generate insights

Timebox: 15 minutes.

  • Start with the person whose called BINGO!
  • Read out the names of the team members and what they did.
  • Discuss the context of the instance. Use the Five Ws as a pattern – what, where, when, why, how.
  • Identify the key behaviours the person did and the outcomes. What resulted from that behaviour?
  • Discuss cause and effect of those behaviours. Is there a clear outcome when people behave in accordance with the agile manifesto?

Decide what to do

Timebox: 10 minutes.

  • Identify some key cues that will help the team repeat the behaviour next time.
  • Commit to repeating those next Sprint.
  • Take these items into Sprint Planning an integrate it into the Sprint Plan.
  • Reflect on these items at the next Retrospective.

Download Agile Manifesto Poster (A4)

Download the Agile Manifesto poster to use with this Retrospective.

Download Agile Manifesto Reward Certificate (A4)

Download the Agile Manifesto certificate to use with this Retrospective.

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