Agile Transformation using Scaled Agile Framework

Agile Transformation rollout and SAFe® Training and Coaching at Clean Energy Regulator (CER)

The Situation

In June 2017, the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) engaged ZXM to support the design and implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) as the next evolutionary step in their strategic initiative to improve the effectiveness of the agency’s oversight and delivery of the ICT Program.

The Solution

ZXM Agile and SAFe® coaches worked collaboratively with CER’s executive, management and teams to create an Implementation Plan that took a risk-based approach, encompassing and addressing agile adoption challenges over the last decade across all industries , specifically:

  • Empowering management to support agile adoption through giving them one-on-one coaching and developing experience to support agile teams as Lean Leaders.
  • Cultural change and behavioural change – how to support the evolution of ways of working.
  • Building experience through delivering both training and coaching on-the-job so that people are able to immediately apply what they know and have guidance when they “don’t know what they don’t know”.
  • Promoting, encouraging and supporting business to be intimately involved in the process so that transparency, adaptation, and collaboration build trust, improve alignment of the IT Program with business needs, and decrease delivery risk.
  • Building a consistent understanding and execution of agile practices that align with CER’s context and need.

The Results

After 12 months, CER had gained the following benefits and outcomes from ZXM’s coaching and training services:

  • Improvements in the way CER prioritised projects (“Epics”) for the IT program, particularly as it relates to the role of the System Owners Representative Group (SORG).
  • Improvements in collaboration with business stakeholders and, in particular, system owners, through involving them in the Agile Release Train’s key events, writing Features collaboratively, and participating in Scrum Team’s Sprint Reviews and Release Train system demos.
  • Improvements in the way the whole of IT operates – the business systems roadmap and IT service roadmap has become learner and more responsive to changes in technology, changes in business need, and changes in its regulatory domain.
  • Quicker feedback loops are now in place to support economic decision making on value and investment of people’s time and CER’s budget constraints.
  • IT Governance Framework has strengthened by making improvements in transparency, which has in turn, decreased delivery risk.
Many of the patterns used for CER’s Agile and SAFe® transformation have been leveraged from the successes ZXM has had with other government departments. It has shown us that our training and coaching practices are able to create repeatable outcomes.

Improved collaboration

Improved collaboration between business and IT delivery teams to form a true fusion team.

Quicker feedback loops

More frequent engagement with business stakeholder at agile events meant earlier feedback and avoiding delivering features that were not of value.

Improved transparency

IT Governance Framework has strengthened and improvements in transparency, has decreased delivery risk.

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