Agile for the Incoming Government Brief taskforce

When the government announced an early election, the Department of Industry engaged ZXM to help them apply agile to their work.

The Situation

ZXM was engaged to assist the Incoming Government Brief (IGB) task force to be agile, and work iteratively, and apply agile practices to deliver briefing papers to the two major Australian Parties – the “Red Book” (for the centre-left political party) and the “Blue Book” (centre-right political party). This was the department’s first agile initiative that was not focussed on software, and involved working with business stakeholders within the policy domain.

The Solution

ZXM’s Agile Coaches worked with the IGB Leads, and their teams across 12 branches, to align iterations of draft policy documentation to articulate the details and costing of policy initiatives from each of the major political parties in the lead up to the Federal election on 2 July 2016 (the taskforce was pulled together to deliver the IGB over 6 weeks). Specifically, Kanban and Lean were chosen as the method for delivery.

The Results

ZXM's agile coaching supported the agency to reduce their time to deliver government briefing papers from many months to just weeks.

Faster delivery

Producing incoming government briefing papers takes months. We helped the taskforce deliver their outcome in weeks.


Agile for non-software

Agile for a business area, and their collaboration across all areas.


12 branches collaborating and aligning to a single objective.

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