Business Transformation at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority

An enterprise strategy to adapt faster to change

The Situation

ZXM was engaged by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to provide strategic advice in support of Finance and Business Services business transformation initiatives. The initiatives included:


Digital Workflow

Move AMSA’s expensing processes into integrated paper-free digital workflows.


Workforce effectiveness

Increase productivity, decrease re-work, and decrease costs.


Resilience to change

Build-in improved ability to adapt to change in an iterative and low-risk way.

The Solution

ZXM designed and implemented a business transformation strategy underpinned by agile principles and practices to support AMSA personnel across Australia transition to new ways of working.

Agile patterns were leveraged in facilitating change management planning, stakeholder engagement and implementation of the change solution. Initial detailed change planning focused on outcomes for the short term, guided by a longer-term roadmap with a higher level of detail. Iterative delivery was coupled with continuous, real time feedback to provide an enhanced responsiveness and resillience to change during delivery.

The Results

The approach to business transformation a transparent and shared understanding of the organisational change context as understood at a given point in time.

With the initial strategy incorporating early awareness messaging, and engagement of a group of key stakeholders, subject matter experts and likely change champions, a regular pattern of engagement with the stakeholder’s group was implemented to provide continuous real time feedback on value delivery. Communication channels leveraged online collaboration tools so that business engagement practices were inclusive of the Australia wide and remote workforce.

Stakeholders from across IT, finance, operational business areas and the 3rd party system integrators worked collaboratively in a dynamic environment. As the solution was delivered, daily engagement with the stakeholder group provided the mechanism to check-in on business uptake of the system and associated changes in business practices.

As AMSA staff moved across to paper-free workflows to manage acquittals, reimbursements and expense pre-approvals, timely feedback enabled the team to address concerns, and adjust training and support mechanisms in real time. Knowledge gaps across AMSA were recognised and addressed early, with support material being updated and added to.

Improved alignment

Improved alignment between business outcomes and IT solution delivery.

Improved adaptability

Tactical adjustments to change increased uptake of processes, systems and behaviours.

Outcomes focussed

Strategy focussed on impact empowered goal orientation over ridigidity of task management and reporting.

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