Executives in agile

ZXM supports IAG executives to improve their understanding of their role in agile and mentor them through agile portfolio management.

The Situation

With a significant program of work about to commence, IAG executives sought to improve their knowledge and understanding of contemporary ways of working so they could participate as agile leaders to support and strengthen the whole system of work.

The Solution

ZXM’s executives delivered a hands-on workshop designed to relate agile in executive terms, encompassing:

  • The role of executive in agile operating models – managing the system of work.
  • Managing complex portfolios.
  • Prioritisation of strategic investments and initiatives, with a focus on cost of delay and the Portfolio Backlog.
  • Operating models and agile delivery frameworks, including the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
  • Systems thinking, including strategic planning and feedback loops from the portfolio through to annual roadmaps and program-level planning.
  • Evidence based management (EBM) – for portfolio reporting, agile OKRs, and associated metrics.

The Results

The workshop helped executives revisit strategic prioritisation concepts in the light of agile and reinforce a consistent approach to managing complex portfolios using evidence-based management.

Improved alignment

Executives aligned with a single vision to work collaboratively to deliver with a renewed focus on value.

Systems thinking

Improved appreciation for the role of executives in leading and participating in agile portfolio management.

Objective metrics

New tools and frameworks to measure impacts and outcomes of strategic investments over activities and outputs.

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