Faster delivery with agile: Deliver the Marriage Law postal survey in 90 days

ZXM coaches the ABS to deliver its outcome in only 90 days using agile practices.

The Situation

When the Marriage Law Postal  Survey was announced, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) had only 90 days to execute the government’s vision. While similar programs in the ABS take many years to implement, ZXM’s challenge was to help them deliver rapidly, in accordance with their procurement and budget constraints, within the timeframe using scaled agile patterns and techniques.

The Solution

ZXM focussed on providing “on the job” coaching of the ABS taskforce with a focus on supporting key subject matter experts in the program. We provided practical and pragmatic advice to the Taskforce’s Scrum Master and 15 workstream leads to make effective use of:

  • Scrum of Scrums – For communication and collaboration across work streams.
  • Lean and Kanban – To understand the flow and status of work, and improve its visibility and transparency.
  • Retrospectives – To take time out every week to reflect and take actions to improve all areas of delivery, especially in the areas of risk and dependencies.

Our coaching of the Taskforce encompassed:

  • Day-to-day “on the job” support based on the emerging needs and rapid changes to the Taskforce’s environment
  • Just-in-time support to handle emerging issues with best-practice Scrum and Lean techniques, particularly in making work transparent, workshop facilitation across multiple teams
  • Helping leadership and their teams to break work into smaller chunks for enhanced communication of delivery.

The Results

ZXM's agile coaching supported the ABS to reduce their time to market from years to months.

Reduced time to delivery

We helped the ABS reduce the time to market from years to 3-months.


Agile for everyone, not just software

We coached and supported everyone - executive, procurement, logistics, survey design, software - to work with agile.


Collaborative planning, coordination of hundreds of people, including vendors, with scaled agile practices.

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