Working with managers

Todd Miller & Ryan Ripley



Stage 1

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What is the relationship between the Scrum Master and management? How does the Scrum Master approach management? How can management help the Scrum Master and Scrum Team?


In a Retrospective, use an Empathy Map to understand what your manager wants and needs from the team.

  • Timebox: 1 minute. Ask the team to silent brainstorm on sticky notes the areas of the Empathy Map.
  • Timebox: 2 minutes. Pair people up to share what they’ve written.
  • Timebox: 10 minutes: Put pairs together and ask them to share their sticky notes. 
  • Timebox: 15 minutes debrief. What needs of the manager are being met by the team? Where are the gaps? 
  • Timebox 10 minutes: Actions. Brainstorm actions to take next round to start to meet one of the gap areas. Dot vote to create one or two actions to focus on next Sprint and put these into the Sprint Backlog.


Download the Empathy Map Canvas (PDF) to use in this Retrospective.

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