Improved ability to innovate for Comcare

ZXM improved Comcare's agile capability maturity, including business engagement and delivery efficiency, and increased their ability to innovate.

The Situation

Innovation is key to adapting to change. Comcare needed an expert in agile to help its programs better adapt to change, and self-organise to come up with new solutions to evolving delivery problems. 

The Solution

ZXM focussed on one team as a pilot to demonstrate the effectiveness of Scrum – an Agile framework. This included supporting related teams such as infrastructure and service support with the use of Scrum with Kanban to manage both their business-as-usual and project-based work.

ZXM introduced Scrum through a number of workshops centred on play-based learning. This enabled us to introduce complex agile concepts and processes and fast-track behavioural change for improved adoption, improved delivery capability, and an enhanced cross-functional model to solve complex business problems.

The Results

The Teams experienced significant efficiency gains within only a few weeks of our coaching, including enhanced agility to work in a self-organising, continuous improvement mindset.

Agile mindset

We turned traditional project management behaviour into long-lived agile ways of working.

Improved ability to innovate

An enhanced agile capability improved Comcare's ability to innovate and adapt to unexpected change new problems and new business needs.

Improved business engagement

Business became a partner in delivery rather than a passive "user" of their services.

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