Deliver a new eBay product in 4 weeks with agile

With a new product launch imminent, eBay engages ZXM to help deliver the product on time.

The Situation

With a new product launch only 4 weeks, eBay engaged ZXM to help their team incorporate visual design into software development and testing practices – a practice that would normally take many weeks just to write User Stories.

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The Solution

ZXM used Story Mapping to rapidly create a shared understanding of the product and its functionality amongst the team. The end-to-end story map highlighted the use of the product from the perspective of eBay’s customers described as Personas to help translate the ways in which the product would be used, the context, and the users’ needs. Within a few short days, ZXM and the eBay team had built a Product Backlog and quickly commenced its first development Sprint.

ZXM then helped to create focus and discipline by coaching the team through weekly Sprints. Specifically, ZXM supported eBay’s Scrum Master and Product Owner by providing advice, teaching them new techniques and practices, and helping make minor adjustments to the team’s collaborative behaviour, to help them deliver on-time.

The Results

In a few short weeks, ZXM helped the eBay team achieve the following outcomes:

  • Reduced lead time for project startup – teaching the team to use techniques for rapid transfer of the visual design into a Product Backlog.
  • A high-performing team – how to use Scrum in a focussed and disciplined way to help deliver outcomes in short timeframes.
  • Transfer of knowledge of good practice to the Scrum Master, improving his capability to guide and support the team to achieve rapid, continuous improvement.

Reduced lead time

From 6 months to 4 weeks for delivery to market.


Improved focus

Team's focus and rigour of delivery has improved.


Improved agility

Collaborate, deliver, reflect and improve is now an integral part of software development.

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