Scrum Master Career Pathway



Stage 1-5

Agile IQ® Level






Scrum Masters have an important role to play in supporting teams to deliver value within an organisation – whether for a single team or a large, scaled agile program. They are responsible for promoting good agile practice to deliver and improve team effectiveness.

Learning pathway

  • Understanding and applying agile
  • Managing products with agility
  • Developing people and teams
  • Evolving agile within the department
  • Understanding benefits and outcomes of agility
scrum master capability pathway

Career Progression

A Scrum Master is a key role in agile and their focus is on helping their team, their product owner and the wider organisation understand the agile ways of working and framework. They need to build their knowledge and skills over time.

New Scrum Master

< 1 yr Experience

Junior Scrum Master

1-3 yrs Experience


Advanced Scrum Master

>3 yrs Experience

Maturity Framework

The Scrum Master Maturity framework looks at the capabilities, behaviours and actions that Scrum masters undertake as they learn and build their knowledge in agile and its practices. The focus for Scrum Masters is to consolidate the basics and develop their capability and skills before adding more advanced practices and patterns.
Focus for development of capabilities for Scrum Masters

understanding and applying agile frameworks
developing people and teams
managing products with agility
evolving agility in the organisation
realising the benefits
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