Reduced lead time for SuperChoice

By combining our expertise in User-Experience (UX) and agile, ZXM helped fast-track the start of a critical project.

The Situation

It can take a long time to get a project started, particularly when you’re used to undertaking big, up-front design activities before commencing software development efforts.

SuperChoice engaged ZXM to provide expertise in user-experience (UX) and user-centred design in agile environments to reduce the lead time that it takes to kick-start its projects.

The Solution

ZXM used collaborative workshop techniques with the team over the first few days of the project. These sessions were designed to generate an understanding of the consumers of the product and also the context its use.

ZXM first helped the team to document pragmatic personas and then employed storymapping to quickly cover the main logical flow of the use of the product, its alternate flows, and then the feature sets and architecture as Epics.

ZXM then helped the team to break Epics into smaller, User Stories, with strong traceability to the context of the storymaps and the identified Personas.

A storymap: the whole backlog visible in "story" form in only a few hours.

The Results

Only over a few days, ZXM’s work with the vendor and business stakeholders reduced the lengthy, upfront analysis and requirements phase from months to just a single day:

Reduced Lead Time

Decreased time to market by several weeks.

Improved transparency

Complete end-to-end view of the product in a single day rather than months.

Improved Collaboration

An agreed, collaborative process with buy-in from vendors and business stakeholders.

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