Scaling Agile Product Development across WA Police with SAFe®

Business transformation to support high-profile, frontline policing activities strategies.

The Situation

ZXM was engaged by the CIO of the W.A. Police Force to assist its agile journey and improve its product management capability in a way that would embrace its constraints with business-as-usual support of frontline policing activities.

W.A. Police had had some experience with agile frameworks, and wanted to improve its composability, resilience and adaptability through a business transformation that could scale this capability across the organisation.

It’s core needs included:


Improve Alignment

Improve business alignment and collaboration by involving key groups, such as Business Owners in the decision-making process of prioritisation of the value delivered through IT.


Improve operational effectiveness

Enhance strategic and innovative thinking to become learner and more responsive to changes in technology, changes in business need, and changes in its regulatory domain.

Focus on value

Help differentiate the impact different operational, business as usual, and strategic initiatives would make, to then prioritise focus for delivery.

The Solution

W.A. Police needed to rapidly scale in an environment of significant constraint and risk in a way that wouldn’t impact business-as-usual while rapidly building scaled agile capability.

Over a period of 9 months, ZXM worked closely with the Agile transition team and leadership to support W.A. Police on its agile journey through:

The Results

In as little as 6-months, ZXM helped W.A. Police launch and transition to its new agile product management framework based on SAFe® and align executive strategic planning and prioritisation activities to the tactical elements of delivery.

Improved alignment

Improved alignment of strategic initiatives with BAU delivery

Improved transparency

Improvement in transparency and visibility of the entire program of work

Enhanced capability

Improvement in product management capability and development practices

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