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Matthew Hodgson



Stage 2

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What is Kanban? Is it more than just post-it notes on a wall? Is it a conspiracy to sell sharpies? Aren’t there apps we can use instead? Kanban is an amazing tool, but many people only implement visualising work and forget the essentials that ensure their Kanbans get up and running with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

In this video, Matthew Hodgson, Professional Scrum Trainer, shows the basics of visual management with Kanban and:

  • Optimising the flow of work, whether you’re in a team or wokring by yourself
  • How to identify blockages and waste
  • Why limiting work in-progress is important
  • The simple metrics that will mean estimating “how long” something will take becomes easy as pie!
  • Why physical over digital boards is vital to getting started

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