At Zen Ex Machina, We Want to Play a Role in Helping Students Succeed

Zen Ex Machina is a global leader in agile enterprise transformation. Zen Ex Machina understands that it takes more than just practice providing a positive experience for our clients. We know that great work is backed by a great education. To help those become more familiar with agile principles, practices and frameworks, Zen Ex Machina is offering a university scholarship, each semester in the amount of $500 USD. ($1000 normally performs better)

The application deadline for the Fall 2020, is the 15th of September.

The application deadline for the Spring 2021, is the 15th of April.

Applicants Must Meet the Following Requirement in Order to be Eligible:

Full-time student
College Junior or Senior – Graduate Students are also eligible
Minimum 3.0 GPA (Based on a 4.0 scale)

Application Requirements:

Fully Complete Application Form
Complete and submit a 500-700-word essay

Essay Overview & Requirements:

Here at Zen Ex Machina, we believe that the quality of your essay should reflect the quality of your work as a whole. We are looking for previously unpublished work that is original and contains a well thought out thesis, focusing on How an Agile is Making a Positive Impact on Businesses or The Most Important Agile Trends to Follow in 2020. Any essays containing plagiarism will be disqualified.


The Zen Ex Machina Scholarship will be submitted directly to the College or University that matches that applicant’s primary .edu email address. The winning funds must be spent on tuition fees, educational books, or supplies required for the applicant’s classes.

Zen Ex Machina reserves the right to withhold the award for any applicant who no longer meets the eligibility requirements at the time the award is given. Zen Ex Machina also reserves the right to withhold the scholarship award during any semester in the event that no applicant meets the requirements. After the winner is selected and prior to receiving the award, enrollment status and qualifications will be verified.

Judges for the scholarship award shall be selected by Zen Ex Machina and the selection of a winner(s) shall be final and in the sole discretion of the judges.


Zen Ex Machina will select the best essay submission and notify the scholarship winner via email.

The Fall 2020 Semester winner will be notified by the 15th of October, 2020.
The Spring 2021 Semester winner will be notified by the 15th of May, 2021.

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