Management Advisory Services

Strategic consulting, auditing, and advice driven by digital agility.

Management advisory services provide clients with strategic consulting, auditing, and advice driven by digital agility.

What We Do

Compliance and standards drive many organisations, from banking and utilities to government. Our management advisory services cover compliance, audit, and strategic solutions to ensure your management, financial, risk, and governance frameworks are sound and compliant.


How We Do It

P-D-C-A / Deming Cycle

ZXM uses the Deming Cycle to deliver its work – an iterative approach used to introduce continuous improvement from continuous delivery.

Specifically, ZXM use P-D-C-A in the form of Scrum – one of many agile methods – as the basis for all our consulting products – from user-experience reports to strategic reviews.


We focus on clarifying governance – roles & responsibilities

With process definition comes roles and responsibilities. The greatest risk lies where there is ambiguity regarding who is responsible for undertaking which action. Process for process sake, though, increases the risk of ambiguity in compliance – where reporting masks transparency.

ZXM uses Lean to guide its process definition to ensure that transparency and reporting are balanced.


Proven Results

Agile Coaching for a Design Studio

Agile frameworks aren't just for software teams. This whole Design Studio goes agile with the help of ZXM’s agile coaches!

ATO PDS Agile Coaching

Introducing Scrum and SAFe to mainframe teams can be a hard transformation. ATO, a government agency, engages ZXM's agile coaches to lead the charge.

Agile Coaching at AUSTRAC

Agile coaching at AUSTRAC case study. ZXM coaches a financial intelligence agency through their digital transformation

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Product Management versus Project Management

Gartner reports that 85% of executives are now turning to agile product management over projects. Why is this shift occurring and what do you need to know about product management to optimise your strategic investments for greater market share, better ability to pivot, or get your products to market faster?

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Principles of Effective Governance

What governance best supports product development efforts using agile frameworks? Don’t be tempted to over complicated things with a hybrid committee structure. Scrum has all the roles and responsibilities you need to deliver value.

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