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ZXM Agile Academy™


It’s free with Agile IQ® Coaching and Program subscriptions.

What is ZXM Agile Academy?

ZXM Agile Academy is the structured program of learning to support everyone in the agile enterprise to develop and enhance their agile capability maturity – their Agile IQ®

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Agile Stages of Maturity

There are distinct sets of behaviours that strengthen as a team becomes more agile. While their growth in these behaviours is not linear, it does follow a predictable pattern of development and team evolution.

Stage One: Starting

A team at this stage of its agile journey is typically either just learning how to be agile, or hasn't firmly committed to changing the way that they work.

Stage Two: Establishing

Teams at this level of their learning journey are focused on getting the basics of agile right.

Stage Three: Evolving

Teams at this level of maturity are typically focused on learning advanced patterns and practices to add to their team's agile ways of working.

Stage Four: Strengthening

Teams at this stage focus on strengthening their agile practices by making decisions based on agile values - the Manifesto and its 12 Principles.

Stage Five: Optimising

Teams at this stage are optimising their agile practice with metrics and Systems Thinking. They look beyond their own team to support others to be agile. They lead by example.

Recommended learning programs

Executives, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and teams, all can benefit from continuous learning culture. 

For Executives

Learn how to undertake a digital transformation and implement agile operating models.

For Managers

Learn about agile reporting metrics, including Agile IQ for agile behaviours and agile OKRs to understand whether initiatives are achieving their impacts and outcomes.

For Product owners

Learn techniques for reporting, prioritisation, release planning and roadmapping.

For Scrum Masters

Get tips to help teams and agile release trains improve with over 100+ curated coaching tips.

Building Agile Behaviours and Mindset

Four key behaviours are paramount to building an agile enterprise: self organisation, agile values, continuous learning culture, and sprinting.

As these behaviours become stronger, enterprise agile outcomes grow, including lower costs and faster time to deliver, while maintaining high quality standards.

Working with agile roles

Agile roles are distinct from project management roles and responsibilities. They focus on value, long-lived teams, and specialist roles like Scrum Masters to help build effective agile teams.

Scrum Master

Accountable for Scrum's effectiveness

Product Owner

Accountable for optimising the value of the product or service.


Accountable for delivering an Increment of work that meets the Definition of Done.


Accountable for the guardrails of self-management.

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