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Agile IQ®

Stage Five

Agile IQ® Score: 165+

What is a "stage five" team?

A team at this stage of its agile journey is in the Ri stage of Shu Ha Ri. A Stage Five team has an Agile IQ greater than 165.

Teams at this stage are optimising their agile practice with metrics and Systems Thinking. This focus maintains their agility at the top level of capability maturity. They look beyond their own team to support others to be agile. They lead by example.

Self-management and giving these teams opportunities to lead is the key to sustaining this level of agility.

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Behaviours to encourage

Focus on impacts and outcomes

Encourage delivery improvements through a focus on impact and outcome metrics over deliverables and output.

Lead Communities of Practice

Encourage team members to lead Communities of Practice and actively share their knowledge with others.

Be Metrics Driven

Actively reflect how to become more effective using metrics from Lean such as cycle time, lead time, work item age, and then tune and adjust behaviour accordingly.

Focus on the customer over the team

Actively encourage the use of agile practices to create change for the customer’s advantage, not just the team’s.

Actions for leaders and scrum masters


Align the team’s goals to the organisation’s goals. Seek to understand those goals at a tactical level and help to fulfil them by aligning the team in that direction. Goals should ultimately cascade from the organisation through to the Product Goal.

Set aggressive improvement goals

Focus aggressively on continuous and relentless improvement. A Stage Five team can double their throughput within 6 months when they start thinking about creating improvements with surgical precision. 

Think more about the “team of teams” 

The team is part of a bigger system of work, including other teams. Understand how work arrives at your team through Value Stream Mapping and identify opportunities to reduce waste and improve flow.


Metrics to support alignment to the team’s ability to pivot and time to deliver value are critical at this stage of the team’s development. Focus ultimately on metrics to help drive the Product Owner’s product goal so that outcomes are transparent, repeatable, and continuously improve.

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