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Agile IQ®

Stage one

Agile IQ® Score: 0-48

What is a "stage one" team?

A team at this stage of its agile journey is in the Shu stage of Shu Ha Ri. A Stage One team has an Agile IQ of 0-48.

A Stage One team is typically either just learning how to be agile, or hasn’t firmly committed to changing the way that they work.

Self-management is the key to moving to the next stage of agility.

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What is self-management?

Self-management isn’t chaos. It requires management to set guardrails that define the boundaries for team-level actions, behaviours, and expected outputs.

The stronger a team’s self-management behaviours, and the more managers support and encourage self-management, the stronger the outcomes agile brings: faster to market, higher quality, improved predictability, lower delivery risk and and transparency.

More on self-management

What is Self Management?

Learn how to set the guardrails for teams to manage themselves.

The Manager's Role

Managers in agile organisations are expected to manage the guardrails for decision-making.

Self-Organising Behaviours

The behaviours that make teams 15-20% more productive.

Learn about the behaviours that make you more agile


Self-organising teams are more effective than manager-led teams. You can easily achieve 15-20% more productivity this way.

Agile Values

Take your organisation beyond just the symbols of agility and work to change people's mindsets - the way they think about work

Continuous learning culture

Agility gives you room to improve and to be active in learning and taking time out for experimentation.


Working in a cadence of rapid, short work cycles, is key to receiving fast feedback to learn, innovate, and pivot to change.

Learn about agile roles

Scrum Master

Accountable for Scrum's effectiveness

Product Owner

Accountable for optimising the value of the product or service.


Accountable for delivering an Increment of work that meets the Definition of Done.


Accountable for the guardrails of self-management.

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