What agile framework should you choose?



Stage 1

Agile IQ® Level

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Tweaking the way you work, picking and choosing the parts you like, or doing stand-ups won’t make you agile. To be faster to market, reduce costs, and increase productivity the team needs to change the way it works.

  • Scrum – A minimal set of roles, events and artefacts to get teams started with empiricism.
  • Extreme Programming (XP) – A set of agile software development practices, often used in conjunction with Scrum.
  • Lean – A set of principles and practices for identifying and eliminating waste. It is based on the Toyota Production System (TPS).
  • Kanban – A tool for Lean. 


The key to success with an agile framework is to use it “as-is”, without making customisations, until the team reaches Stage Three.


Used by over 80% of agile teams worldwide.

Extreme Programming (XP)

Agile practices for software developers.


Principles and practices for identifying and eliminating waste


A tool used with Scrum or Lean for optimising the flow of work.

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