Agile Roles. Current vs Future.



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This activity is designed to help improve awareness of agile roles.

  • Product Owner 
  • Scrum Master
  • Team members

Activity: Current vs future state

Timebox: 30 minutes

This activity can be run as a Retrospective or team training event.

What you’ll need

  • Agile role cards (download below)

Current State

  • Download the role cards. Print them off and cut them out.
  • Think about who does what today.
  • Assign the activities in the role card deck to each of the roles that the organisation has now.

Reflect on:

  • Who has the authority to make a decision?
  • Is the team self-organising and self-managing?
  • Who does the bulk of the work?
  • Are there work silos in the current role definitions?
  • Do these role definitions mean there are “handovers” between people that slows down delivery?

Future State

Assign the activities to only the Scrum roles.

Reflect on:

  • Is the future state different to the current state?
  • Who has the authority to make a decision?
  • Who does the bulk of the work?
  • Have any of the silos or handovers been reduced?
  • What roles are not needed in an agile environment due to self-organisation?
  • What roles are not needed because new roles have taken on those responsibilities?


Download the Agile Role Cards (PDF) to print and use to help your team understand agile roles.

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