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Flow & Impact Metrics

Influencing Behaviour. Secondary Factor.


Driving improvements through flow and impact metrics leads to changes guided by the data surrounding the problem and informed solutions, not by opinions and conjecture. Importantly, metrics-driven outcomes are repeatable and scalable.

Agile Metrics vs Project Metrics

Project management metrics focus on activity:

  • Time: When will stakeholders receive the deliverables of the project?
  • Scope: What features have been approved for delivery? What will we get?
  • Resources, including cost: How much have we spent?

These metrics give management a perspective of what has happened in the past in terms of activity, but it fails to provide insights that are scalable in terms of:

  • Impact: Is the financial investment resulting in the expected benefits?
  • Outcome: Is the solution creating the expected change for its customers?
  • Capability: Do the delivery teams have the nescesary time to market, throughput, or innovation capability to meet new demands.

Agile metrics focus on flow and value, including:

  • Time to market: Lead time and cycle time.
  • Ability to innovate.
  • Throughput.
  • Customer impact, including market share and satisfaction.
  • Business and stakeholder outcomes, including cost savings and improved market share.

Mature agile organisations apply agile metrics to learn and understand their customers, emerging needs, and their changing environment. This leads to:

  • Decreased time to market.
  • Improved ability to pivot.
  • Improved change resilience.
  • Decreased costs.

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