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Agile IQ®

Developing People and Teams

Influencing Behaviour. Secondary Factor.


All agile team members must continuously improve agile practices to increase the benefits and adapt as new challenges arise. Scrum Masters often fulfil coaching roles to serve this outcome.

Through team development, team members will have opportunities to build rapport with a foundation of acceptance. When people trust one another, they’re more likely to share ideas, collaborate effectively and make the right decisions for everyone and what they deliver.

Team development is easy, in theory

But as most leaders know, team development doesn’t just happen; there’s a lot involved in turning a group of people into a functioning and productive team. At its core, team building is a considered process of transitioning separate individuals into a cohesive group. A group that is at once working interdependently and cooperatively to accomplish a specific set of purposes and goals.

In theory, the concept of team development is simple: amass a group of talented and engaged individuals and task them with completing a specific goal. In reality, the effort and planning that goes into team building is strategic.

Team development in context

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