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Managing products with Agility

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Managing Products with Agility results in products that provide valuable business outcomes, increased flexibility to respond to change, and greater transparency for investment decisions in product development.

The Product Owner's Responsibilities

The Product Owner is responsible for managing the product and releasing it to stakeholders and users. They’re also responsible for ensuring it represents value, its usable, useful and effective in meeting their needs.

In large organisations, Product Owners report to a Product Manager.

agile product management role hierarchy


  • Forecasting and release planning – ensure agile forecasting and release planning is done frequently.
  • Product goal – understand how to use a product goal to drive strategy and execution, and how to build a vision that motivates, communicates, and provides constraints for delivery. Sprint Goals should contribute iterative steps toward the Product Goal.
  • Product value – manage others’ understanding of value and apply different techniques and practices for defining, communicating and measuring value. Product Owners and their agile teams must work to understand the connection between value and empirical process, and how value should be the driving factor of the Product Goal.

Managing through Backlogs

Alignment is created from enterprise goals to teams through a cascade of backlogs.

Without this single “front door”, teams will focus on local concerns, priorities and the immediate demands of internal stakeholders and users, without consideration of higher value, strategic investment priorities.

agile product management backlogs

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