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Advice for your Scrum Product Owner exam

Exam Preparation

The PSPO I Product Owner certificate requires a solid knowledge of the theory of agile product development in general and the Scrum framework in particular. You can pass the Product Owner exam if you are willing to put in the time to get familiar with the fundamentals.

We recommend you do approximately 8 hours of study, including attempting the Open Assessment.

Readings for your Exam

These articles will help you pass your exam:

Open Assessment

The Product Owner Open Assessment will help you prepare for the exam. Its questions are multiple choice and will provide you with a good indication of the types of questions that the certification exam will ask you. 

  • Questions: 15
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Passmark: 85%

Remember: Do the Open Assessment

Keep trying the assessment until you get 100% correct. When you get 100% correct, do it again. If you get 100% on the 2nd try then you're ready for the PSPO certification exam.

Other Open Assessments we recommend you try:

The Exam

It’s important to answer the questions to the exam, not according to how AusNet uses agile, but how the authors of Scrum recommend how you practice Scrum and the role of Product Owner.

This is a hard exam. You must know your material in order to pass. It will be harder than the Open Assessment.

While the PSPO I assessment is an open book assessment, there will be little to no time to start googling anything.

  • Do not spend too much time on answering a single question.
  • Aim to answer all 80 questions in about 45 minutes while booking marking those you want to revisit.
  • To do the exam you will need your exam ‘password’. This is a 40-digit key.

Product Owner Exam

  • Questions: 80
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Passmark: 85%

Once you start the exam you will need to complete it within the timebox. You can not save/pause and then come back to the exam later.

When you’re ready, start your exam:

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Useful Resources



These cards provide an easy mechanism for Executives, Product Managers, Product Owners, to select the value metrics that will provide insight into progress toward Product Goals and customer value.


Map users and their product needs.


A3 canvas for describing users, their context, and their needs.


Student workbook for PSPO I for personal use.

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