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Stages of Agile Maturity

Stage Four: Strengthening

Stage Four: Strengthening

Stage Four teams are high performers. They should regularly show consistent high throughput at a high level of quality and sustainable pace. It shouldn’t be unusual for these teams to double their throughput when the type of work is consistent over a few months.

Archetypal behaviours seen in this stage:

  • Optimising delivery through Lean practices.
  • Agile OKRs and Evidence Based Management.
  • Heavy use of metrics to learn, make decisions, experiment, and improve.

Focus for growth:

  • Flow.
  • Understanding, identifying and removing waste.
  • Optimising throughput and quality.

Things to avoid:

  • Groupthink is a real danger for teams that rapidly reach this stage. They internalise their sense of superiority and end up slipping back to Stage Two if they aren’t kept an eye on.
  • “But we deliver, leave us alone” is a common sign that the team has only implemented agile as a fixed process over a way to continously improve. They might ‘appear’ to be a Stage Four team, but they’re likely to be hiding deeper behavioural problems.
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