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Stages of Agile Maturity

Stage Two: Establishing

Stage Two: Establishing

Teams at this level of their learning journey are focused on mastering the basics. Combined with self-organisation, these two key areas are vital to seeing improved throughput, lower costs and reduced delivery risk.

Archetypal behaviours seen in this stage:

  • Focus on getting the basics of agile right.
  • Alignment to industry standard roles and practices.
  • Keeping things simple (and not overcomplicating agile practices).

Focus for growth:

  • Master the basics.
  • Self-organisation.
  • Delivery within guardrails
  • Creating and encouraging consistency of agile practice and roles across teams, this includes tool usage.

What to avoid:

  • Avoid customising practices before you’ve mastered them. Many rules for certain practices might seem inconvenient at first, but they exist for a reason. Get to know why.
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