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Agile isn’t a methodology – a set of fixed and typically highly prescriptive set of processes. Agile frameworks define a purposefully minimal and incomplete set of approaches to planning, managing, and executing work.

Agile frameworks typically fall into two categories:

  • Frameworks designed for teams.
  • Frameworks designed to help organisations practice Agile at scale, across many teams.

Ultimately, each framework operates as the guardrails – the minimum set of rules – for teams to self-manage within.


  • Choose a framework from the list below.
  • Apply the basics from the start of the next Sprint.

At the next Retrospective


What did the team do that caused quality to improve or get worse? When did this occur?


Did the number of items that got to Done go up or down? What did the team do that caused this to happen?


Was it easier to see the status of work and progress toward the Sprint Goal? Did stakeholders find it easier to understand these things? Why?


Was collaboration more effective? What did the team do to make them feel this way? Ensure you know the cause so you can repeat it next time.

Stakeholder collaboration

Did stakeholders report they felt more engaged? What did the team do to cause this? How will you make sure it happens again?


Goal Achieved

Did the team acheive its goal? What did they do this time that meant the goal was acheived? Make sure you know the cause so you can repeat it next Sprint.



Agile Frameworks

The frameworks that fit under the umbrella term “agile”.


ITIL 4 and Agile

Get the most out of the latest version of the IT service management (ITSM) and agile


Waterfall vs Agile

What are the key differences between traditional linear, waterfall delivery methodologies and agile frameworks?


What is Kanban?

Is Kanban more than just visualisation of work in-progress?


What is Lean?

What is Lean and how does it help agile teams deliver?


What is SAFe?

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), is a knowledge-base of organisation and workflow patterns. SAFe® enables Scrum,


What is Scrum?

Scrum was developed by Sutherland and Schwaber in the early 1990s. It’s is a lightweight framework

Management Commitment

Why bother with agile?

Many organisations seek agility. Its promise is faster delivery, higher quality, and lower costs, all with

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