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Created in February 2001, the Agile Manifesto is a document that sets out the key values and principles behind Agile’s philosophy and serves to help executives, managers and teams work more efficiently and sustainably.

A powerful philosophy to work by

The western domains of philosophy provide insight into how people think. Some act to optimise the amount of good, some follow sets of rules, while others feel the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

The Agile Manifesto does not outline any specific processes, procedures, or best practices for agile. And that is intentional. The creators set out to create a philosophical mindset for work that requires a change in the way you approach and enact work.

Learning Areas

Agile Manifesto

Agile Manifesto Bingo

A Retrospective activity to help improve people’s awareness of the Agile Manifesto


Download the Agile Manifesto (PDF) to print and use to help your team understand what it means to have an agile mindset and work in an agile way with agile principles.

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