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Instant comparisons to other companies

$10M+ savings for your digital transformation

Cost savings modelling

Proof that your digital transformation is delivering results.

Comparison Data on time to market

How advanced is your company’s agile capability compared to others of a similar age?

Throughput comparison data

Is your digital transformation where it needs to be to get productivity benefits?

Trusted by 1,000+ teams globally

Data-driven enterprises are more successful


More than half of employees report they feel more confident about decisions they make when supported by data


37 percent of employees believe they would become more productive if they received training that helped them make (better) use of data.


Companies haved saved $10M+ when they use Agile IQ® data and insights to make decisions to inform their digital transformation.

One number. Enterprise-wide insights.

With a single Agile IQ® score you get predictive analytics from a data model that provides you with insights into:

Agile capability maturity

Data modelling provides you with insights into the true state of your agile culture with 32 metrics, including agile mindset and modelled cost savings.

Comparisons to other companies

See how you rate against other companies at a similar stage in their digital transformation, including cost savings, throughput and lead time.

Curated advice

Agile IQ® identifies areas requiring improvement, and measures and tracks that improvement using Agile IQ®: Transformation Academy™.

Compare your transformation to others

In a single platform, you get:

  • Instant reports on the strength of your digital transformation.
  • Comparisons to other companies at a similar age in their journey.
  • Tracking of cost savings, throughput and time to value trends.

Cost savings modelling

Track cost savings trends as Agile IQ increases.

Time to release value

See how you rate against other companies.

Throughput trends

Track cost savings trends as Agile IQ increases.

Measure your Agile Mindset

  • One assessment tool
  • 23 behavioural metrics reflecting agile mindset
  • Results in 5 minutes

Track data on your agile culture

Every company’s journey is different. Agile IQ® compares assessment metrics to others at a similar stage of their development, not just a ‘global average’.

  • Compare and track your company’s agile traits to others of a similar age.
  • Make metrics on culture visible and tangible.
  • Use data to make decisions on where to focus capability improvement.

Gather data automatically from Jira

Connect Jira® and let Agile IQ® generate insights on your lead time and throughput and compare these metrics to other companies at a similar stage of their digital transformation.

Strengthen your company's business agility

Measure and track your company’s agile capability maturity across: 

  • SAFe®, Scrum, Lean Kanban, and Nexus.
  • Psychological safety.
  • Leadership 3.0
  • Throughput.
  • Lead time to market.
  • Cost savings.

Use the data to make decisions on where to focus your investment on agile and product improvement.

Grow and sustain your investment

Agile IQ® metrics reflect a stage of maturity in your digital transformation. This maturity model is:

  • A behavioural, non-linear, maturity model.
  • Designed by™ Professional Scrum Trainers™.
  • Linked to advice that will grow and sustain your investment in your digital transformation.

Agile IQ®: Transformation Academy™

Transformation Academy™ integrates seamlessly with Agile IQ® to guide you to learn and grow.

Agile IQ®: Transformation Academy™ provides up-to-date, industry alinged, advice on how to use your Agile IQ® score to create scalable and repeatable outcomes from enterprise agility.

Curated advice

Over 100 articles, downloads, and templates from Professional Scrum Trainers aligned to your level of maturity.

Set and track improvement goals

Select improvements from Transformation Academy™ and add them to Agile IQ® goals so you can track improvements.

Send improvement actions to Jira®

Send improvement actions directly into Jira® to plan and track improvement tasks Sprint-to-Sprint or on Agile IQ®'s web dashboard.

Our AI helps you improve

Agile IQ® learns from others’ goals, actions, and improvements in their metrics. This ensures you get the best advice on:

  • What actions helps others improve their agility.
  • What actions to take next.
  • Actions that create consistency in your scaled agile environment.

Data-driven business agility

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